Git is also used in syncing files and deployment. In my opinion that is a 
bit wrong, and more of a coincidence because it's so damn easy to push for 
the development server etc. and I don't want to litter my version control 
with sync commits and pushes. I'm trying to now have a second .git 
directory for sync / backup and automatic development deployment, with 

(Windows example)

set GIT_DIR=.gitsync
git init
set GIT=
git init

I intend to use .gitsync for continuous commits (automatic backups) and 
development time deployment. Git suits for that perfectly since it's 
faster, and more versatile than rsync. (Git doesn't need to check all files 
each time one runs the sync, and it also can hold the versions.)

Anyhow, the problem is with the second repository ".gitsync", it also uses 
the ".gitignore" files from my project's version control (the .git dir), 
and I don't want to use those in syncing / backup. Ideally ".gitignore" 
filename should be configurable, e.g. in this case ".gitsyncignore" or 

I assume this is not doable, but could that be considered for future?

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