On Monday, March 4, 2013 12:32:10 AM UTC+2, Konstantin Khomoutov wrote:
> I still would like to hear from the OP about the specific commands 
> he's having trouble with as the problem might turn to be a non-issue. 

In my case the second git (the .gitsync directory) should act like a 
Dropbox or rsync. This second GIT_DIR used for syncing/backup etc. should 
use different gitignore filename, e.g. in rsync this file may be called 
".rsync-filter", and set of exclusions in syncing is usually different than 
in project version control's .gitignore.

The problem comes when the second .gitsync directory uses "git add" 
automatically, it uses the same .gitignore files as the project version 
control (the .git directory). I could use "git add -f", but this only works 
if I want everything added including stuff I didn't want to by synced.

Ideally the gitignore filename could be defined inside: GIT_DIR/config file 
as one line e.g.:
  ignorefilename = .gitsyncignore

(Notice that the .gitsync in my case must be as automatic as possible, so I 
shouldn't need to prune each time I commit. For the beginning I probably 
try to use something like "git add" and "git commit" in five minutes 
interval or something.)

I'll try the main Git list next.

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