On Sunday, March 3, 2013 5:25:30 PM UTC-5, Konstantin Khomoutov wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 03, 2013 at 11:56:10AM -0800, Tom Green wrote: 
> > > I did a GIT STASH (working in Windows command line). Now I can't 
> restore 
> > > from it 
> > > I get the message: 
> > >     TECHNOTE/git.TXT: needs merge 
> > >     unable to refresh index 
> [...] 
> > Thanks, Konstantin. How do I go about merging that one file in my stash 
> > into my working directory so I can proceed? 
> Are you sure you *understand* the situation with your project? 
> I don't mean/want to offend you, but your original message gave me the 
> impression you have little to no clue about what's going on and why 
> `git stash apply` refuses to work.  From the error message, I gathered 
> that your index most probably contains unmerged entries which means 
> you're in the middle of a merge which had conflicts (which you did not 
> yet solve).  To know for sure, I proposed to check the output of the 
> `git status` command, to see if you really have merge conflict in 
> the "TECHNOTE/git.TXT" and other affected files. 
> Now you tell nothing about what you did about it and ask me how to merge 
> a file in a stash into the working directory.  This unfortunately makes 
> me think I probably failed to convey my idea about the situation or you 
> failed to understand it. 
> So let's recap: 
> 1) It appears to me that you're in the middle of a faulty merge 
>    operation.  This means you have unresloved conflicts in certain 
>    files. 
> 2) `git stash pop` fails to update those files. 
> 3) So you have to first deal with the merge and make sure your work 
>    tree is clean (has no local modifications) and matches the index. 
> 4) To verify (1) holds true, you should start with inspecting 
>    what `git status` tells you. 
> I understand it's possible that you're very well aware about what state 
> your project in, and you just did not tell me.  But I want to be on the 
> safe side to not damage your data so please bear with me and consider 
> really providing answers to what was asked or we'll go round in circles. 
> And no, AFAIK, there's no way to merge a stash entry into the work tree, 
> let alone a single file from it.  Well, the truth is, I can imagine a 
> couple of ways to go about doing this but let's first deal with what I 
> think is the real problem. 
Thanks again, and for some reason -- not sure exactly what did it -- the 
files are back in my working directory. So my problem is resolved, but I 
would still like to understand. Anyhow, the urgency is gone.  You're right, 
I'm new to GIT, so I'm not offended by anything. 
I did a GIT STATUS and saw the same file as unmerged. It said that I needed 
to resolve conflicts, but I didn't understand how to do that. I'm not sure 
if this did it, but I edit the file and removed the lines with "<<<<<<< 
Updated upstream" and ">>>>>>> Stashed changes" and saved it. 
  - Does GIT look for the ">>>>>>>" markers in the file to see if I 
resolved the conflict? 
  - Or does it somehow check the file date?
  - Or am I barking up the wrong tree completely?
After that the GIT STASH POP seemed to work. <shrug shoulders>  So now I 
can get back to my real work.
Also, another stupid question:
  - Does the term INDEX refer to what GIT-GUI calls STAGED CHANGES?
The top of my tree (from GITK) looked roughly like this.
*  Local uncommitted changes
*  Saving GIT.TXT so I can un-stash
|    * STASH   WIP on Master... Commit xyz  (I don'r remmeber doing this)
|  /
|    * index on master 090ecd0  Commit xyz
|  /
* Commit xyz
Anyhow, thanks again for your help. Something worked.

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