On Mon, 11 Mar 2013 13:55:14 +1100
David <bouncingc...@gmail.com> wrote:

> >> If you google the error message, my explanation here is the 4th
> >> hit:
> >> http://blog.tfnico.com/2012/09/git-stash-blooper-could-not-restore.html
> >
> > Thanks for sharing -- this was an interesting read.
> >
> > Unfortunately, the link itself leads to nowhere (actually, I just
> > see the most recent post) -- had to search the blog for "stash
> > blooper".
> I also could not see the link content until I permitted javascript
> from tfnico.com
>   blogger.com
>   blogblog.com
>   google.com
>   googleapis.com
> After that, the link works.

Inexplicable obsessiveness with JavaScript of this platform is also my
pet hate for it, but I used Safari on an Apple product -- where it's
hard (if possible) to turn JS off -- to navigate that link, so
supposedly this wasn't a problem with JS in my case.

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