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Ilya Dobrovolsky <iliya.dobrovol...@gmail.com> wrote:

> The start page of http://git-scm.com/ containts link to the latest
> stable release.
> It says, latest stable release Release Notes (2013-02-07).
> When I follow the link, the following file is downloaded: 
> Git-

Judging from the file name, you supposedly followed the link
"Windows Build" [1] there, right?

There are several distinct problems.

First, the latest stable release is 1.8.2, which has been released just
several hours ago.  Both the Git repository and the download place for
source tarballs offer 1.8.2.  The main web page hasn't just been update

Second, the Windows build is completely another story.
Contrary to how it's called on that main page, currently it's not just
build but rather a port; it's ultimate target is to get fully merged
into the mainline but this is not yet true.  So the releases of
the Windows port usually lag behind the matching upstream releases
(mostly due to the severe lack of manpower, several hundreds downloads
of that port per day notwithstanding).  Also note that their
installation packages always contain the suffix "preview" in their
names as the porters do not want to revoke the preview status from their
port to underline that if it breaks *you* will hold both parts.

1. http://git-scm.com/download/win

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