Background: We have a series of components and applications that use those 
components with each having it's own repository.   We also use travis ci 
for testing when we make a push to the repos.  The issue we have is that 
when one of the components is modified it may effect one of the 
applications or other components that depends on it and we would want at 
that time to retest those components and applications as well.  Travis has 
a client that will allow us to restart build that took place so thats good 
enough for our situation.

The way I went about trying to do this was to set up a mac mini that we 
have with each of the repos in question checked out along with a 
launchagent (similar to cron for osx) that would periodically do a pull on 
each of the repos.  Each repo than had a post-merge hook that would restart 
the builds on travis that were dependent on that component.  The post-merge 
hook works exactly how I thought it would if I do a pull from the command 
line manually.  However, when being performed by the script I see that the 
pull occurs but the hook isn't run.  I know that the launchagent is running 
as the local user account so I cannot figure out why the hook isnt running. 
 Any thoughts? 

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