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Rob Dingwell <rob.dingw...@gmail.com> wrote:

> The way I went about trying to do this was to set up a mac mini that
> we have with each of the repos in question checked out along with a 
> launchagent (similar to cron for osx) that would periodically do a
> pull on each of the repos.  Each repo than had a post-merge hook that
> would restart the builds on travis that were dependent on that
> component.  The post-merge hook works exactly how I thought it would
> if I do a pull from the command line manually.  However, when being
> performed by the script I see that the pull occurs but the hook isn't
> run.  I know that the launchagent is running as the local user
> account so I cannot figure out why the hook isnt running. Any
> thoughts? 

How do you know the hook did not run?
Did you try placing something as simple as

touch /tmp/i_did_run

at the very beginning of the hook script?

I mean, "the hook did not run at all" and "the hook did run but it
apparently did not carry out actions it was supposed to do" are two
different things completely, and from your problem statement it's not
apparent which of those has happened.  So I'd first verify that "the
hook did run" holds.

Another useful trick for a hook script -- if it's a *shell* script -- is
to put "set -e -u" at the beginning of the hook script to make the
executing shell fail loudly as soon as the first error is encountered
rather than chugging away.

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