Hi everybody,

Here's a problem I had to deal with many times. I'm hoping someone here can 
come up with a solution.

I'm working on an open-source project. I need to have a few files that 
other people wouldn't like to see: Mostly IDE files. I don't want to commit 
those files to the repo itself, because other developers usually don't like 
that. However, I wouldn't like to ignore them either, because I want those 
file source-controlled for all the advantages that this provides. (Great 
backup, versioning, etc.) I work on multiple computers so when I update 
these files on one computer, I want to be able to check them out on the 
other computer like I normally do with Git.

How can I solve this problem? My idea is to have my own repo that contains 
the open-source project as a submodule, but I've never tried that and I 
don't know whether it will work and be convenient to work with. I'll be 
happy to hear suggestions on what to do.


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