On Thursday, March 28, 2013 6:22:24 PM UTC+1, Dale Worley wrote:

> I'm considering using Git to track the customizations I make to the 
> system files of my Linux box.  Has anyone done that and has hints on 
> how to make it work well? 
> Actually, I have two Linux boxes, and I need to track both sets of 
> customizations.  It looks easy enough to have one repository on each, 
> and each has a tracking branch for the other repository.  But I'm not 
> clear on how to do the bookkeeping for cross-merging customizations 
> that are first inserted on one machine to the other.  I have a feeling 
> that I want something that tracks which deltas from one lineage have 
> been merged into the other lineage, along the lines of the bookkeeping 
> that "svn merge" does. 
Dale, from my perspective it's fairly obvious that a tool like Puppet, 
Chef, or CFEngine is the way to go about here.

Use Puppet to script setup and custom files for your two machines. You can 
keep the puppet recipes in a Git repo, of course, and use Git to sync each 
machine with the latest versions of the puppet files.

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