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> I am using Git for different projects and sub-projects on windows 7
> 64 bit. When starting git gui occasionally it will ask for
> compressing the database because of a number of unlinked objects.
> When pressing yes, it will run a compress on the database. Typically
> after some while (several gui openings later) the message box will
> appear again and I do the compress again. Today I have noticed that
> with one specific repository I can do this endlessly. Opening gui git
> message appears, I do the compress and close git gui. Opening it
> immediately again without any additional other action the same
> message appears. Up to today I have been using git version
> 1.8.0.msysgit.0. I have updated half an hour ago to the newest
> version as claimed on git.scm.com, but the installed version
> shows 1.8.1.msysgit.1. Starting git gui shows the same message for
> each starting up for particular repository. Others are still ok. 
> Any solution known? Should I worry? 

Did you try to inspect the Git configuration options related to garbage
collection (they starts with the "gc." prefix)?

I would inspect the gc.auto threshold in particular.
Try running

    git config --get-all gc.auto

in your suspect repository and see if it's set.  The `git-config`
manual page says the default is 6700, and 0 disabels automatic garbage

Another option of interest is gc.pruneExpire, which specifies for how
long to keep those "loose" objects.

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