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> Hi All,
> I started with GIT last week and am already using it for my company
> work .  There is a repo hosted on BitBucket and all the developers
> are using it including myself.
> I now wanted to setup another repo for myself but i want to be
> absolutely certain that it doesnt not get mixed up with my office
> work. The starting point i though was to ceate another windows user
> and have the repo in the mydocuments area which is account specific. 
> What else do i need to do to enable sure shot seperation ? Is it
> possible to have two installs o GIT and should i do it or there is
> another way?

What will you use this new repo for?
What kind of 'mixing up' is it you are worried about?

I'm asking since I personally don't see any scenario where you'd have
to go as far as creating a new user just to avoid mixing them up.


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