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sunnytrader <sanjay...@gmail.com> wrote:

> I started with GIT last week and am already using it for my company
> work . There is a repo hosted on BitBucket and all the developers are
> using it including myself.
> I now wanted to setup another repo for myself but i want to be
> absolutely certain that it doesnt not get mixed up with my office
> work. The starting point i though was to ceate another windows user
> and have the repo in the mydocuments area which is account specific. 
> What else do i need to do to enable sure shot seperation ? Is it
> possible to have two installs o GIT and should i do it or there is
> another way? 

Having another system account might provide some benefits, but they are,
in my opinion, mostly imaginary.  For instance, as Thomas noted, having
another system account will give your another set of global settings,
and user's name and e-mail are usually defined on this level.  But just
as easily you could mess with these settings in your another system
account and set them in a wrong way.

So my take on this issue would be to instead write a self-controlling
helper shell scipt which would simply print certain configuration
information regarding valuable Git settings, and then create a Git
alias to call that script.

For instance, the script (let's pretent it's C:\devel\git-info.sh):

git config --get user.name
git config --get user.email
basename $(pwd)
git remote -v

(the shebang line is not needed) and the alias to use it:

C:\> git add --global alias.info "!C:\\devel\\git-info.sh"

Then you would just develop a habit of running `git info` after
`cd`-ingo into the work tree of a repository and check if what you're
seeing matches what you intend to work on.

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