I am a noob developer in the process of wiping and rebuilding a proper 
workflow environment. After reinstalling MsysGit a glaring visual aspect of 
the terminal display hit me in the face. doug@DOUG-PC now included... 
/msysgit (master). I remember this from the previous installation but had 
never given it any real thought... the question I have did not arise until 
it just now slapped me in the face! I have read through several tutorials 
and not one mention has been made concerning this command state... does 
/msysgit (master) indicate that this is the branch I am working from? Or is 
it simply a label for the parent? Is this a live branch state immediately 
after install is complete... if so then this state requires change prior to 
closing the terminal does it not? Not sure if it means anything since I 
have yet to discover any mention of it?


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