I often use Git to track files on shared folders (e.g. Dropbox or networked 
file systems): on my repository I use a specific branch to mirror the 
content of the external folder while working on my branches. Before syncing 
back to the shared media I "rebase" the external folder into the tracking 
branch and merge my work.

It doesn't seem much different than tracking a svn remote repository with 
the difference that there's no history on the remote; so I was wondering 
whether there is something out there which could streamline the process the 
way git-svn does. 

Basically, I'd like to have some porcelain that enables something like:

$ git rfolder clone file://home/myhome/DropBox/shared my-shared
$ git rfolder rebase

merging my work

$ git rfolder dcommit

The simplest solution would be to set up a git repository on the shared 
folder; but I don't want to do that for several reasons. I also considered 
to keep an external .git directory using the --git-dir option; but it seem 
rather messy as solution.

Any suggestion on best practices or existing porcelain would be welcome.


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