I'm new using GIT. Some weeks ago I moved 1 folder from my treefolder to 
another place using "git filter-branch -f --tree-filter 'mv assets/www .' 
HEAD". Now I would like to move again another one, concretly git 
filter-branch -f --tree-filter 'mv www/app/resources www' HEAD". The 
problem now in that error in my repository:

hgomis@ORD195 /C/Sencha/assets_backup (master)
$ git filter-branch -f --tree-filter 'mv www/app/resources www' HEAD
Rewrite d9ca94fdaf2c5f3945514581e91186b6b6460e38 (55/135)mv: cannot stat 
p/resources': No such file or directory
tree filter failed: mv www/app/resources www
rm: cannot remove `c:/Sencha/assets_backup/.git-rewrite/revs': Permission 

rm: cannot remove directory `c:/Sencha/assets_backup/.git-rewrite': 
Directory no
t empty

Any suggestion please? It's very important for me!!!


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