> From: Alex Lewis <alex.lewis...@gmail.com>
> Is Fugitive.vim any help? 
> http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=2975 
> I'm a little bit lost as to what you're environment is :) 
> Can you explain your environment/setup a bit, where the repository is you 
> want to browse (local/remote), etc?

The specific use case is this:  I have a Git repository which archives
most of my home directory.  A cron job commits this repository every
minute.  This creates a finely-detailed history of most everything I
store in my home directory.  I have a script that cron runs every
night that rebuilds the commit history, omitting certain commits so
that as you go back in time, the commits are spaced farther and
farther apart.

Because Git is good at compressing commits that have much duplicated
content, this acts like a poor man's version of Apple's "Time
Machine".  The advantage is that since the underlying data structure
is a Git repository, all Git tools can be used on it.

What's needed for my convenience is a browser that lets me look
through this mass of history to find whatever I need to recover.


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