> From: Alex Lewis <alex.lewis...@gmail.com>
> Is Fugitive.vim any help? 
> http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=2975 
> I'm a little bit lost as to what you're environment is :) 
> Can you explain your environment/setup a bit, where the repository is you 
> want to browse (local/remote), etc?


So the repository is local, and has hundreds of commits.

My general environment is Fedora Linux, using the X Windows system.  I
use vtwm as a window manager, so I don't have all the
KDE/Gnome/whatever accessories.  Much of my work is done inside Emacs,
which has a wide array of tools for browsing through directory trees,
including examining various sorts of archive files (tar, zip) as if
they were directories.


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