I'm fine with Git and branches when it's simple, but as soon as things get a little complicated, I get baffled and frustrated.

For example...

I've set up a members' log in system for a website, including a log-in form on the home page. The template for the home page was amended in the process. That's all committed on branch "memlogin".

That work is on hold because I have to get adverts on the home page, and I've made a new branch - "adverts". This was branched from the master branch, so does not include any of the work on "memlogin". But I need the revised home page template file because the log-in form affects the position of the adverts.

This is just an example. The general point is about how branches are not, in reality, completely independent, and work on one can affect another.

What should I do?

I have the feeling that I'm missing the point about branches. Everyone raves about them, but they seem to fail as soon as the complexity of the real world kicks in.

BTW, I'm familiar with the diagram from nvie.com, but it doesn't answer this problem - its feature branches are completely independent until merged into the develop branch. In my experience the world is not that neat and tidy.

I'd appreciate any advice.

Roddie Grant

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