On Wednesday, May 22, 2013 3:02:50 PM UTC-4, Roddie wrote:
> [...] 
> That work is on hold because I have to get adverts on the home page, and 
> I've made a new branch - "adverts". This was branched from the master 
> branch, so does not include any of the work on "memlogin". But I need 
> the revised home page template file because the log-in form affects the 
> position of the adverts. 

You need to split up the `memlogin' branch commits into:

A. a bunch of commits that change the size and positioning of the login form

B. a bunch of commits that implement the rest of the login form changes

Then you merge the `A' commits back into master.

Then you branch off `adverts' from master and develop in parallel (because 
now you're working with the new layout/positioning).

The main problem you have is, presumably, the commit(s) on your `memlogin' 
branch intersperse layout changes with functionality changes. If you are 
clever with `git rebase -i' you can clean up the commits and make branching 
work just fine.

Of course, please don't rebase if you've already pushed your branches where 
others can clone/fetch them.



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