On 2013-05-31, at 2:32, Paul Smith <p...@mad-scientist.net> wrote:

> [...]
> I DO want to do the cleanup before merging to master.  If you mean do
> the cleanup before pushing to the git repo, I can't do it all because
> it's not until after I push that I can detect build issues on platforms
> I don't have access to, get feedback in a code review, etc.  Sometimes
> it's useful to keep these changes as separate commits, but often it's
> not.

Practically speaking, you are restricted by your review process. You have to do 
whatever cleaning/squashing you can before pushing to the build/code review 
repo. After it's publicly reviewed you can only make commits on top of the 
branch to apply your fixes.

This is IMO the safest and simplest model to follow given your environment.



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