On Sun, 2013-06-02 at 08:32 -0700, Sam Roberts wrote:
> If the tests run before the merge into master, then the normal
> procedure is that after you know the branch tests pass, you rebase
> your-feature to clean it up, and do a "push -f" to overwrite it. Then
> people comment, maybe you rewrite again based on their comments. Only
> when everybody is happy does it merge to master. At that point you
> can't rewrite.
> Since nobody should be doing work based on your feature branch, it
> doesn't matter how often you rebase it.

Yes, sorry, I made a mistake near the end of my email when I wrote
"However, I've already pushed my branch to master."  That should have
read "However, I've already pushed my branch to the server Git

In short, I have to push my personal branch to the main Git repo when
it's still a work in progress, and so others will get it in their repos
when they do a "git pull".  My question was, what's the best way to
clean up before merging those changes to the master branch.

It looks like, as long as I can reasonably expect that others have not
checked out my branch I can rewrite my branch using rebase -i and that's

I'm still looking for a powerful, but easy-to-use interface to git
rebase -i.  I'm using Magit (Emacs mode) and it's ok, but something that
makes it simpler to slice and dice commits down to the patch chunk level
while hiding the details of using stash/pop, etc. would be SO amazing.

I envision something like, on the left a list of commits, and on the
right a window with diffs.  You can rearrange/modify commit
messages/delete the commits in the left window, and when you select a
commit you can see the patch chunks for that commit.  You can drag by
file and/or by chunk from into another commit.

The ability to even edit a given patch/chunk would be even more cool.

Safety features such as being able to show a diff between the tree
before the rebase and after all the rebase steps were complete, would be

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