Hi Philip,
 Please find the details below 

Machines : One is Windows 7 & other is windows XP  
Version : 1.8.1.msysgit.1
I can see the file as well as directories on other system. Will u please 
tell me how to check remote file permissions??
The error message is from git.
The same message is coming from Git Bash as well as Git GUI

Path :git remote add origin username@machinename:~/git-manju
         git clone usename@machinename:~/git-manju


On Thursday, June 6, 2013 11:43:42 AM UTC+5:30, Manjunath Hv wrote:
> Hi,
> Please tell me how to connect the two local machines in order to use git. 
> These two machine are connected to the local network. when i am try to push 
> the file from one machine to another machine displaying by giving correct 
> path with correct machine name message as "Make sure that you have the 
> correct access rights & correct repository exists"
> Thanks & Regards,
> Manjunath HV

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