On Thu, Jun 06, 2013 at 12:09:57AM -0700, Manjunath Hv wrote:

> Hi Philip,
>  Please find the details below 
> Machines : One is Windows 7 & other is windows XP  
> Version : 1.8.1.msysgit.1
> I can see the file as well as directories on other system. Will u please 
> tell me how to check remote file permissions??
> The error message is from git.
> The same message is coming from Git Bash as well as Git GUI
> Path :git remote add origin username@machinename:~/git-manju
>          git clone usename@machinename:~/git-manju

Please read the docs next time, do not just copy and paste random bits
found in the internets: the syntax user@server:repo implies using the
SSH protocol for communication which is not available in stock Windows.
It might be set up by installing any of available third-party packages
implementing SSH for Windows on the host which you want to designate to
be a server.

But a simpler way to set things up when it comes to Windows is to just
use Windows built-in file sharing mechanism (known as SMB or CIFS --
it's this procotol which enables you to "see the file as well as
directories on other system").  To do this you have to use the "file"
protocol when constructing a Git URL for your remote repository, so you
should do something like this:

git remote add winxp file:////windowsxp/sharename/path/to/git/repo

Here the "file://" bit is the URL schema which tells Git which protocol
to use for accessing the repository, the "//windowsxp/sharename" is the
portable way to spell the Windows-ish \\windowxsp\sharename UNC path,
and the "path/to/git/repo" is the path to the actual Git repo you want
to access available via that share.

Before putting this to work you have to make sure that *transparent*
authentication works on that share for the contacting computer\user
combo, that is, when you boot the box which is to access your remote
repo, log in with the user which is to call `git push`, fire up Windows
Explorer and navigate the \\windowsxp\share share, Windows must let you
in without asking for credentials.  You also must be able to create and
modify files in the target directory on that share if you wish to push
changes there (i.e. to update the target repo).

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