I'm about to move the git repository directory from current one: /opt/git 
to new one: /passdev/git.

And I got some question regards how to perform this?

First I will Shut down git and I tried to search online but I can't find 
any links on how to shutdown git? could you let me know what is the 
commands on how to shutdown the git?

Next is Copy /opt/git to /passdev/git? Is this the correct way to move the 
whole installation directory? 
Next Bring up git, what is the commands to bring up?
and also I had find out this link: 
for move the folders on one repository to another repository, so I was 
wondering since I'm going to move the whole repository folder into 
different location, so should I using git filter-branch 
--subdirectory-filter <directory 1> -- --all to move each dirctory in one 
repo, or I can just using unix commands cp to move the whole repository 



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