> From: Ling <oylf1...@gmail.com>
> I'm about to move the git repository directory from current one: /opt/git 
> to new one: /passdev/git.
> And I got some question regards how to perform this?
> First I will Shut down git and I tried to search online but I can't find 
> any links on how to shutdown git? could you let me know what is the 
> commands on how to shutdown the git?
> Next is Copy /opt/git to /passdev/git? Is this the correct way to move the 
> whole installation directory? 
> Next Bring up git, what is the commands to bring up?

My understanding is this:

There is no need to "shut down" Git, since Git doesn't *do* anything
unless someone executes a Git command that references that
repository.  Or rather, you "shut down" Git by telling everybody to
not use it until you get the repository moved.  However, if it is
accessed remotely by people you can't easily control, you may need to
shut down the access protocol's daemon to prevent the remote users
from executing Git commands while you move the repository.

Moving a repository is simple:  It contains no references to its
absolute location.  So all you have to do is move the entire directory
structure to the new place.

(I'm assuming here that the repository is a bare repository.)

One question is whether there are other repositories that reference
this one.  In that case, you have to update the configuration
information in the other repositories to point to the new location of
the master repository.


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