Ok, I want to start over after having spent a few hours trying things ... 

Here is my situation ... I need to use GIT for some source control .. i 
have never used any source control before and I want to use it in the 
simplest possible way first, to get running, and have some version control 
going on ... i have a very small team of only a few people, but in 
different locations.  

I read some stuff and this is what I am planning on doing, please tell me 
if this makes sense: 

   - I went on the server and used "git init" to create a new repo 
   - added some files and directories, and commited them from the server
   - i installed and opened GIT GUI, simple and free, this is what i want 
   ... i cloned the repo to my local machine ... all good
   - now my understanding is that on the server is the master branch, so 
   all the developers who develop locally on their machines, should create a 
   branch so that they can push ... i created a branch on my machine called 
   <company>-<name>-<desc>, I will recommend all the developers to do this
   - I made some changes to files in the repo, staged, and commited ... all 
   good ... i also pushed and no issues ... 
   - Now I notice i have to go to the server to merge the changes so the 
   files actually show up on the web server ... worked fine .. 
   - So the idea is, since this all worked, that i would tell the 
   developers to (1) clone the repo (2) create a branch to work out of (3) do 
   their development and stage and commit changes locally, then push to the 
   server ... (4) then they should tell me they need me to merge the branch, 
   and I would ask for the branch name ... i would then go to the server and 
   merge the changes
   - Does this all sound good so far?  Will it work fine? ... 
   - Now if yes, if there is an issue, how do i roll back a change? .. can 
   i simply issue a command on the server, and have the files roll back to the 
   state before the last merge? How do i do this?

Otherwise please let me know if this is not right in some way how i am 
thinking ... note i do not care if i do not have the 110% most optimal way 
of doing things, i just need a simple method to have some control, and some 
tracking for now .. this seems to work and i just want some verification .. 
i am sure more experienced users have suggestions as to how to make this 
better/smoother/more efficient, and I welcome that too, but please do not 
just say i am "wrong" because you know more than i do and you know a 
fancier way .. what i want to know is if this above is reasonable, and if 
it will work for basic tracking and control of source files ... 

Thank you

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