> From: Konstantin Khomoutov <flatw...@users.sourceforge.net>
> But really let's just look at the problem: there's no single registry
> of object names which would facilitate their quick lookups.  So full
> support of SHA-1 completions appears to be infeasible to implement.

There must be some sort of index of object names, because you can look
up objects by giving only their hashes.  Some of the object names are
the file names in .git/objects/??/*, though I haven't figured out how
the "pack" files are indexed.

I suspect the reason that hash completion hasn't been done yet is more
that it isn't very useful.  If you type "8d40fc" and auto-completion


that won't prompt your memory, "Ah, yes,
8d40fc088ee0223992617c6e45f0bae7915161 is the one I was looking for!"
In most modern systems, you use a hash only when you copy it from
somewhere else, and there usually is a cut-and-paste functionality
that allows you to do that.


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