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> Hi,
> I wonder if there's been any work on providing SHA-1 tab completion
> for any command (e.g. show or diff) ?
> Completion works fine for e.g. branches but it might be a convenience 
> feature to also be able to complete on SHA-1.
> Maybe there would be some performance drawbacks on this and there's
> been some discussion on this already...
> BR, A

There could be major performance drawbacks, memory problems and just
the shear amount that will be displayed.

Completion works on the principal of getting all potential completions
in memory and then showing them.

So for example with branches,
git checkout b<TAB><TAB>
All branches that start with b are loaded in memory and displayed.

Now imagine this with all your commits.
Do a git rev-list|wc -l on your repository and see how long it takes
and how many commits you have.

For the kernel repo for example:
$time git rev-list --all | wc -l

real    0m5.209s
user    0m4.881s
sys     0m1.280s

So 419811 possibilities would be displayed after you do git

Assume you know the SHA1 starts with e
$time git rev-list --all | grep ^e | wc -l

real    0m5.826s
user    0m6.223s
sys     0m0.923s

26365 possibilities on git diff e<TAB><TAB>

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