Hi all,

I'm a big Git fan and had the chance to "convert" some colleagues to the 
benefit of Git over Subversion, leading the conversion process and coaching 
them for their day-to-day use.

I'm now working in a place where the VCS is Perforce (sigh!). I must admit 
the cultural gap is non-negligible.

That being said, I did a quick search and found that there is git-p4 to use 
Git as a "client" to Perforce. Before getting that to work on my 
workstation, I'd like to know if anybody ever used that tool? If so, what 
kind of experience have you had with it? Are there any pitfalls, etc...

I'll probably get on setting that toolset in the next few days (next week) 
and will update this topic with any relevant info.

Any feedback is welcome.



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