So if I had branches...

|- develop
|  |- proposed-feature

Is there a way to have proposed-feature always a branch of the last commit 
on develop automatically I.e. so I don't have to keep rebasing it on top of 
develop as develop is being rebased?

I'm currently using git-svn so my workflow is a lot of rebasing. I.e.

git checkout master
git svn rebase
git checkout develop
git rebase master
...sort out any conflicts and finish the rebase...
...carry on development...

My work goes into develop or a branch thereof which is merged back into 
develop if necessary. I'm also using rebase to tidy up commits. 

So from the example above the proposed-feature branch is something that 
needs to go in but at the moment it can't due to it depending on a bug fix. 
Once that bug is fixed I can merge proposed-feature into develop and then 
at some point commit it to svn. In the mean time whilst the bug still 
exists I have (AFAIK) these options...

   1. Carry on with my work in develop, rebasing, etc. and keep rebasing 
   the proposed-feature branch on to develop to keep it up to date. 
   2. Carry on with my work in develop, rebasing, etc. and let 
   proposed-feature branch grow stale until the bug is fixed and I can 
   merge the proposed-feature.
   3. Something between 1 and 2.

So my question is that it might be a nice option if 1 can be set up in some 
way to have it happen automatically. Does anyone else think this could be 
useful or is it just me? :)

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