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Amit Kumar <amit3...@gmail.com> wrote:


> I have made many commits but now i need to do rebase and when i do
> rebase it says "current branch is already updated." 

How exactly do you do rebasing?  Looks you're trying to rebase onto an
origin branch which were not updated since you forked your feature
branch off it, so there's no need for rebasing.

> My work flow is like i clone a project from git and start working on
> its branch.
>    1. First commit 
>    2. Second commit
>    3. Third commit
>    4. fourth commit
>    5. Fifth commit
> But now i want to rebase and want to merge the first and last commit
> and remove the all middle commits.

You chose bad wording to it's not exactly clear what you really want to

Do you want to prettify your development history (so that the
*changes* commits 2 through 4 introduce are kept but there are
no records of these separate commits in the history) or do you want to
completely evaporate the changes they introduce and just transfer the
changes made by the commits 1 and 5 from your development branch to
some other branch?  Or do you want to rebase your development branch
onto some other branch (its origin branch may be) but keep only commits
1 and 5 as the result of rebasing?  If yes, should the changes made by
commits 2-4 be kept or not?

Please be way more specific.

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