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A. Because it breaks the discussion flow.
Q. Why top-posting sucks?

> I m working on the the branch "ABC" say  and I want changes made by
> the commits 1 and 5 from  "ABC" and remove the 2,3 & 4.

Then do interactive rebasing.
Say, if your branch "ABC" was forked off branch "master", do

$ git checkout ABC
$ git rebase -i master

At this point Git will create a so-called "rebase script" for you and
open it in your preferred text editor.  This script will contain one
entry for each of your five commits made at "ABC" on top of "master".
Now just delete from it the entries for commits 2-4, save and quit the
editor -- git will pick just the first and the last commits while
rebasing, exactly as you will have specified in the rebase script.


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