On Sat, Jul 13, 2013 at 08:54:12PM -0700, Akira Tsuchiya wrote:
> This topic may be irrelevant to this forum,
> but I want to know git users' thoughts.
> I am now developing an Atalassian JIRA Plugin which integrates Git
> with JIRA.
> The name is Git Suite JIRA.
> This plugin aims to fully utilize Git functions in the Bug Tracking
> System of JIRA.
> I developed three months ago a similar Plugin which integrates
> Subversion with JIRA, SVN Suite JIRA.
> Take a look at the site below for reference.
> https://marketplace.atlassian.com/plugins/com.luminouslead.plugin.jira.svnsuite
> The SVN Suite is free based on the Open Source like idea.
> But the source code is not available considering the site's characterisitcs
> Now I am planning to release the new Plugin, Git Suite JIRA, with a
> charity license.
> Charity license means that $10 are collected from each party
> regardless of the number of users and all the proceeds are donated
> to a charity organization.
> And moreover, the source code is provided to paying users if they
> want.
> Then I want to know if the charity license is good and acceptable
> from the perspective of Open Source like spirituality.
> I believe a charity license is good to two parties:
> product users and poor people in developing countries.
> What do you think of it?

IANAL but I think it's an acceptable type of license to use.  You
don't mention whether your plugin uses git-the-command-line-tool or
libgit2, but I suspect that doesn't really matter from the license POV

One thing though, a charity license is NOT FREE!  Which means the
license isn't likely to be judged as good by FOSS die-hards.  There is
also the issue of license proliferation in the FOSS world.

I fully appreciate why you like the idea of a charity license, but I
think you should think carefully whether it would be better to use a
commonly used OSI-approved license with a suggestion to donate to a
charity of your choice.  Basically something along of the license of


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