This topic may be irrelevant to this forum,
but I want to know git users' thoughts.

I am now developing an Atalassian JIRA Plugin
which integrates Git with JIRA.
The name is Git Suite JIRA.
This plugin aims to fully utilize Git functions
in the Bug Tracking System of JIRA.

I developed three months ago a similar Plugin
which integrates Subversion with JIRA, SVN Suite JIRA.
Take a look at the site below for reference.

The SVN Suite is free based on the Open Source like idea.
But the source code is not available considering the site's characterisitcs

Now I am planning to release the new Plugin, Git Suite JIRA,
with a charity license.
Charity license means that $10 are collected from each party
regardless of the number of users and all the proceeds are
donated to a charity organization.
And moreover, the source code is provided to paying users
if they want.

Then I want to know if the charity license is good and acceptable
from the perspective of Open Source like spirituality.

I believe a charity license is good to two parties:
product users and poor people in developing countries.

What do you think of it?

I want to know pros and cons from you.

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