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Balaji <balajis.sh...@gmail.com> wrote:

>  Pleasure contacting you. Recently, all the "git commit" deletes the
> the staged changes. I even install new server and desktop versions to
> test but all in vain. Please help us as soon as possible.
> "git commit receives deleted file mode 100644"

It's hard to make out what are you asking about...

Do you mean you're attempting to commit a file with some funky
permission bits (like 4757), and it's being added in the repository (and
then subsequently checked out) with its permission bits reset to 0644?
If so, then with plain Git you're out of luck as Git only stores the
execution bit.

Please do a bit of research [1] for the relevant discussions and
approaches to managing file permissions with Git.

In my opinion, the simplest approach is to provide a special (shell)
script which would properly set file permissions up.
Note that `git checkout` is *not* a deployment tool.  If you need
deployment, write and maintain a special deployment script which would
take care of it.

1. https://www.google.com/search?q=Git+file+permissions

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