I am completely new in git issues, learning it for one week. Therefore, I 
am thankful for Your leniency.

I develop apps freely divided into modules. Projects are executed in 
external IDE.
Projects structure is as following:

-> Images
--- -> module1
--- -> module2
--- -> module3
-> Scripts
--- -> module1
-> Libraries
--- -> module2
--- -> module3
-> Translations.xml
-> app.xml (starting xml)

Modules are written in independent way. Namely, module1 has structure:
Images -> module1
Scripts -> module1
module1.xml (starting xml)

I would like to make separate repositories for each module. Would it be 
possible to store it with git?
Perfect solution would be the structure:


-> Images
--- -> module1
--- -> module2
--- -> module3
-> Scripts
... and so on

Modyfing files in module1 directories I can commit and push to distinct 
bare repository.

I found submodules and subtries - which functionality would be the best?

I would be grateful for Your answers, any initial git commands or tims.


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