At our company, we are evaulating to migrate to GIT from SVN. Here we are 
following a process in which we have the following branch and access 

| Branch    | Purpose          | ACL          |  
| `master`  | live copy        | AGM          |  
| `staging` | staging copy     | AGM, TL      |
| 'dev`     | development copy | AGM, TL, Devs|

Now all devs create a feature branch from the dev branch and again merge it 
in dev when they have finished working and push it. Now TL review the work 
and cherry pick or merge dev in staging, depending on the sencario. If 
everything is well they push the changes on staging. Same is done by AGM's 
for master branch.
We want that devs will be able to pull the changes from staging and master 
but will not be able to push.

So the question is:
- How can we setup a authentication system where only the allowed one will 
be able to push.?

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