On Mon, Aug 19, 2013 at 05:17:09AM -0700, tombert wrote:
> Well the branches do not need to be on the same
> location/folder/computer.
> The devs could push to e.g. /cmdata/git/devs/myproject.git
> The tl pulls from devs and pushes to e.g. /cmdata/git/tl/myproject.git
> The agm pulls from tl and could push to e.g. /cmdata/git/agm/myproject.git

If I understand you correctly you are actually talking about using
multiple clones, right?  (Then there could of course be multiple
branches with each clone.)

> You just configure your various sources apart from 'origin'. The
> folders you assign different user/group write permissions - so the
> write access is handled via OS.

That would absolutely be a very straight forward and easily grok-able
solution to authorization.


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