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What I would like to know is:

Is this at all possible?
If so, can someone point me in the right direction?

git replace:

Decent description is at,
though most of the post is actually about how to split histories apart
and manipulate them, useful in itself.

Maybe useful, too:


In addition, it should be noted that 'git replace' can replace a merge commit with a single parent commit and vice versa, so that grafts and replace are interchangeable techniques (at that level of control).

For some the problem is the step that 'fakes up' the extra merge commit that is required by 'git replace' which isn't needed by grafts (which simply lists the parents). The problem being the need for an "ours" or a "theirs" strategy when creating the merge, and "theirs" doesn't even exist anymore.

(original poster of that SO question...)
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