We are migrating from a single Subversion repository to multiple Git 
repositories. The repositories are related, so I would like to utilize 
forking, however in this process I would like to keep the history intact if 

Consider the following SVN layout:

   - app-2.1
      - trunk
      - branches
      - tags
   - app-2.2
      - trunk
      - branches
      - tags
app-2.2 is derived from app-2.1. That is, app-2.2 was created by `svn cp 
app-2.1 app-2.2`. After that point, app-2.2 was modified and contains its 
own branches and tags however the code base remains similar. 

Often changes, such as bug fixes, committed in app-2.1 are merged into 

We are migrating all source code to Git in Bitbucket. My goal is to use two 
separate repositories and make app-2.2 a fork of app-2.1 This will allow us 
to utilize the Compare feature within bitbucket to compare changes between 
each repository.

So far I have been able to successfully migrate each project into its own 
Git repository while keeping the history for each. However, there is no way 
to connect the two existing repositories so that one becomes a fork of the 
other after they are created.

Since I'm not able to connect the two repositories, I am wondering if there 
would be a way to create a fork from app-2.1 (app-2.2-new), merge the 
changes in app-2.2 into app-2.2-new and somehow get the tags and branches 
from app-2.2 into app-2.2-new. All this while maintaining the forking 
relationship between app-2.1 and app-2.2-new.

What I would like to know is:

   1. Is this at all possible?
   2. If so, can someone point me in the right direction?
   3. If it is not possible, what alternatives might get me close?
   4. Alternatively, is it possible to merge the changes the occurred 
   between app-2.1 and app-2.2 into app-2.2-new, thus retaining history 
   (but not tags/branches)?

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