I've made a small change to the Git source and now test
t/t1001-read-tree-m-2way.sh fails.  In particular, this test fails:

test_expect_success \
    '4 - carry forward local addition.' \
    'bash -x 2>/tmp/2 -c "rm -f .git/index &&
     read_tree_must_succeed $treeH &&
     git checkout-index -u -f -q -a &&
     git update-index --add yomin &&
     read_tree_twoway $treeH $treeM &&
     git ls-files --stage >4.out &&
     test_must_fail git diff --no-index M.out 4.out >4diff.out &&
     compare_change 4diff.out expected &&
     check_cache_at yomin clean"'

How do I get detailed information on exactly what the failure is?

I expect that there are two methods.  One is that there is some manner
of executing the test that causes it to produce copious information on
what the various commands are doing.  The other is how to manually
simulate the test execution environment and then enter each command in
sequence by hand.  Unfortunately, I don't know how to do either.


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