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> From: "Philip Oakley" <>
> > From: "Dale R. Worley" <>
> > I've made a small change to the Git source and now test
> > t/ fails.  In particular, this test fails:
> > [...]
> > How do I get detailed information on exactly what the failure is?
> I presume you've read \git\t\README which has a lot of stuff about 
> testing.
> My limited attempts simply used various echo commands liberally 
> interspersed with the code. (plus close reading of the code - a 
> technique from history ;-)

Indeed, the file t/README contains a great deal of information about
executing the tests.  (The "prove" harness that is discussed is
present in the Git sources, and the sample commands that involve
"prove" can be executed in the test directory.)

You can execute each test individually within the test directory via
   sh ./t1234...
and get more information by adding the documented options:
   sh ./t1234... --verbose --debug --immediate


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