Can git display presence of stashed changes in the repository in the output 
of git-status?  If the answer is no, do you think it would be a welcome 

The story: today I was quite puzzled to see a change I remember doing some 
time ago has been lost and not to be found on any branch of my repo.  After 
scratching my head for quite a while and when I was nearly ready to start 
writing it again, I looked in the stashed changes and, bingo! it was there. 
 Phe-e-ew.  I figure it could save me some nerve if git would just give me 
a hint in the git-status, like so:

# On branch master
# You have stashed changes

The output of git-status is really verbose already (and quite helpful for 
beginners will all these use this command to do this, use that command to 
do that, etc.,) so I figure adding this won't hurt anyone and will remind 
to deal with the temp uncommitted changes timely before they get lost.


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