On Thursday, 29 August 2013 13:24:55 UTC+1, Rahul Gupta wrote: 
> Hi, 
> I have what I feel is a strange git question. 
> Is it possible to specify an alias for e-mail in git which is recorded 
> with my username when I make a commit and then provide a conversion between 
> that alias and my real email address when I push changes separately (or 
> just connect my username to an email separately)? I foresee that my e-mail 
> address will change when I change organizations and I would not like my 
> past affiliations to reflect on my commits and in calculating the SHAs 
> (just have a neutral alias all along instead).
> Any Ideas??
Use the Mailmap functionality. This allows you to map all you previous 
emails to your tatest cannonical email.
You usually do need to use a proper email address each time as your are 
effectively signing a legal document in some capacity (usually 
authorship/copyright) so you do need to give a proper 'legal' pseudonym (a 
name you go by), and have the authority to sign (e.g. have agreed with your 
employer which items you can release).
This varies from country to country, so check your local requirements (IIUC 
In UK my employer 'owns' all my ideas even those I got in the bath, so I 
have explicitly agreed the git contributions are releasable under my name)

> Thanks in advance and Cheers,
> Rahul

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