this is my git repo size, why does git log takes such huge time and how do 
i improve the time.

real     0m35.603s
user    0m08.093s
sys     0m22.900s

$ du -h .git
27K     .git/hooks
437K    .git/info
3.0K    .git/logs/refs/heads
2.0K    .git/logs/refs/remotes/origin
2.0K    .git/logs/refs/remotes
5.0K    .git/logs/refs
9.0K    .git/logs
1.0K    .git/objects/info
1.4G    .git/objects/pack
1.4G    .git/objects
0         .git/refs/heads
1.0K    .git/refs/remotes/origin
1.0K    .git/refs/remotes
0         .git/refs/tags
1.0K    .git/refs
1.4G    .git

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