On Friday, August 30, 2013 11:21:05 AM UTC+5:30, Thomas Ferris Nicolaisen 

> On Thursday, August 29, 2013 6:52:38 PM UTC+2, dexter ietf wrote:
>> this is my git repo size, why does git log takes such huge time and how 
>> do i improve the time.
>> real     0m35.603s
>> user    0m08.093s
>> sys     0m22.900s
>> $ du -h .git
>> 27K     .git/hooks
>> 437K    .git/info
>> 3.0K    .git/logs/refs/heads
>> 2.0K    .git/logs/refs/remotes/origin
>> 2.0K    .git/logs/refs/remotes
>> 5.0K    .git/logs/refs
>> 9.0K    .git/logs
>> 1.0K    .git/objects/info
>> 1.4G    .git/objects/pack
>> 1.4G    .git/objects
>> 0         .git/refs/heads
>> 1.0K    .git/refs/remotes/origin
>> 1.0K    .git/refs/remotes
>> 0         .git/refs/tags
>> 1.0K    .git/refs
>> 1.4G    .git
> Please tell us which version of Git you have and which operating system 
> you are on (it looks *nix'ish, but it could be cygwin, I guess).
> What kind of partition/filesystem is the repository checked out on? Is it 
> encrypted? Is it a remote/mounted drive?
> What command are you doing exactly and how do you time it? Usually git log 
> will page the first results into your view, so it starts immediately. Are 
> you measuring the time it takes to output the entire log (like git log 
> --no-pager, if so, why)?
> i'm running git version in cygwin with no encryption and local 
i'm using time command to measure the time and i'm not using --no-pager 

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