I guess I described the problem.
I don't seem to be able to update my working tree from the remote repo 
using Giteye.
The pull complains about masses of conflicts (even if I know that not that 
much has changed) and
the fetch just says the SW is the same (nothing to merge).

Maybe the problem is in Giteye, not in the repo clones. It's hard to 
understand why the different results.
(everything changed / nothing changed)

maanantai, 2. syyskuuta 2013 16.36.08 UTC+3 Juha Aaltonen kirjoitti:
> Does git get confused if I have multiple clones of the same remote repo?
> What I mean is that in one clone I've made commits (and pushes), and the 
> other clone hasn't seen them.
> I seem to have some problems pulling to the clone that hasn't been used 
> for commits/pushes.
> On the other hand, the pull reports a lots of conflicts, but fetch says 
> it's up todate.
> I've been using Windows, and trying out two clients: SourdeTree for the 
> other clone (with commits/pushes) and Giteye with the
> clone for the pull/fetch problems.
> I just wondered if the same username with clones both having and missing 
> commits could confuse Git.

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