On Mon, Sep 02, 2013 at 09:59:43PM -0700, Juha Aaltonen wrote:
> To put it more clearly:
> There are a couple of guys working with a code and there's a common
> repo on a server.
> I cloned the remote repo with both Giteye and SourceTree (two
> different clones).
> I edited the code cloned with SourceTree, committed the changes and
> pushed the changes back to the remote repo. Then some other people
> have made some changes in some parts of the program and I made
> changes in another part of the program in the Giteye-clone.
> Before committing I wanted to update the Giteye-clone, but pull
> shows that everything has changed and everything is in conflict
> whereas fetch shows that nothing has changed.
> I managed to do the changes using the SourceTree-repo - first
> pulling then manually merging from the Giteye-tree and then
> committing/pushing using the SourceTree.

I would strongly suggest you drop into a shell and test what git on
the command line says.  Many of the GUIs for git are great, but they
sometimes make it /very/ difficult to understand what the exact state
of a clone is.


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