Thanks for the input guys. We could do an automatic sync with manual 
notifications on merge conflicts (would probably be rare), but I think we 
will smplify our setup like Konstantin suggests.

For reference:
* We have many readers of the repo in zone two, so we set up a clone 
--mirror as a read only repo in zone two which mirrors zone one
* We make ssh available to the few clients in zone two that needs write to 
the repo in zone one (transparent forwarding through a 
jump host, or exceptions in the firewall)


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> > That said, is the two sides won't talk you will get conflicts, so do 
> > expect the tool to do everything ;-) 
> Oops, Should read: 
>  That said, if the two sides won't talk you will get conflicts, so don't 
> expect the tool to do everything ;-) 
> > 
> > Do have a look at how git itself is developed with a layered approach 
> > to the synchronization problem; 'master' is never rewound, 'next' is 
> > occasionally rewound  at choreographed points, 'pu' (potential 
> > updates) is often rewound, so folks have a good handle on levels of 
> > stability and where their patches have progressed to. 
> > 
> > Philip 
> > 

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