We have an set up with two network zones. One is the secure zone (no 
internet access) and the other is the dev zone. Strangely development will 
happen in both zones, not just the dev zone. :) I use Gitolite to manage 

Between the zones I have one opening: Ssh from one machine in the secure 
zone to one machine in the dev zone. So I want to establish both these 
machines as Git repo's that clients in each zone pulls and pushes from. And 
I was hoping changes would flow seamlessly between the two hosts in 
seaprate zons. How can I sync between them? 

I have looked into the "clone --mirror" option, but from what I can gather 
a "remote update" will actually overwrite changes done to that repo, so it 
would not work two way.

I have managed to get a setup where I pull from both via a clone with added 
remotes, but this seems cumbersome and doesn't include all branches by 

Any suggestions?


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